You're a CEO or a CFO. Costs are going up, and you need to save. Yet you need a network because you are growing.

But networks costs a lot of money. Plus you need a technical person on staff (or at least outsource for this person).

Advanced Interactive has the right solution for you! It is a ONE server with the geek attached to it.

OfficeAxxess is your "business network-in-a-box"! With it the pain of networks is taken away from you. You could have your network up and running within a very short time, and affordably too. And the speeds you will experience will be in the 100 Mbps range.

There are no seat licenses to pay. You could have up to 100 PCs hooked up to OfficeAxxess, and there.s no increase in license fees.

You would not even require a dedicated technical person. If you already have one, he/she could be put to better use than looking after your network.

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